Australian high end snow boots brand


SUTTONSUGG (Suttonugg boots) is the shopping centres in Melbourne sales for five consecutive years ahead of high-end ugg boots brand, is also the biggest commercial center in Melbourne high-end consumers share ugg boots brand. SUTTONSUGG retail stores throughout Melbourne Chinatown, Melbourne, Sydney, Melbourne Chinatown Chinese city CBD, Adelaide, Australia's big prosperous areas, number of retail chain stores in Australia in the same industry first; Is also the first Australian ugg boots brand expansion in China, through constant innovation and development, in addition to the ugg boots, SUTTONSUGG also in single shoes, casual shoes, sandals, and other fields.

Snow boots--single shoes--casual shoes--sandals--and other fields


address is:19 Meriton PL, Clayton South,VIC 3169(AUSTRALIA)

03-85108239; FAX: 03-9988, 6622;

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"Australia's one year warranty,


the global 30-day warranty"


SUTTONSUGG has always insisted on using the highest quality and most comprehensive global service, in a few big UGG Australia brand, SUTTONSUGG is the only company to provide customers with "Australia one year warranty, and global warranty 30 days" brand, is also the only Australian UGG boots brand,

a first in China to establishafter-sales service point (guangzhou Sutton shoes industry co., LTD.,address: guangzhou baiyun district are wo street, pingsha international plaza, room 410) of the native Australian UGG boots brand, to achieve the fast warranty service for China region.

Quality service customer communication


In order to adapt to the demand of China and for China to provide more high-quality customer communication services, SUTTONSUGG is established

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